What Is Wedding Insurance And When Is It Needed?

When planning your wedding, you have that voice at the back of your mind saying anything and everything can go wrong. A wedding is always something that needs to be perfect and flawless. You can ask any girl, they will surely tell you that nothing, and they mean nothing, should go wrong during their wedding. But there really are so many thing that could happen, things that are out of your control and things that are really not expected.

What if the limo driver got sick on the day of the wedding? What if you gown got stolen? What if the florist won’t be able to send the flowers on time? What if your photographer can’t make it? What if there was suddenly as storm on your wedding day?

What is Wedding Insurance and What Does it Do?

Yes, these are all scary to think of but they are all possible too. So what you can do is protect yourself. A so what is wedding insurance and what does it do? It basically gives you financial protection from all these things that can go wrong. Even the case of death and illnesses are covered and some insurance companies do have coverage for when the bride or groom suddenly backs out of the wedding.

Before buying your own wedding insurance, check with your vendors first and see what coverage they have so you won’t be getting a redundant coverage. That will just be a waste of time and money. Most probably, the venue will already have a liability insurance of their own. The caterers may also be covered by their own insurance as well. See if their insurance will be able to protect you too. You can ask them of a copy of their coverage policy so you can study it and determine what you need to add.

What is Wedding Insurance and When Should You Get It?

You should get it as soon as you can. Why, you say? Why not just get it when your wedding is near? Let me give you a scenario. If, say, you’re going to have a beach wedding and you already booked the resort a year before the wedding date. And then, 6 months before the wedding, the resort get shut down? Or burned down or whatever. What happens to your money then? So that’s why you need to be insured as soon you start planning. It should be one of the very first things that you settle.

What is Wedding Insurance and what is its Basic Coverage

Wedding insurance, like other insurance types, have a basic coverage. For wedding insurance, the basic policy covers the venue, issues caused by bad weather, non-arrival of vendors (like the caterer or the officiant), and injuries or sickness of key participants. Also, if the bride or groom is part of the military and they get called to duty on the day of the wedding, a basic policy and cover this. There are also other additions that you can purchase to supplement the basic coverage.

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