Tips to Make Packing Easier– Dos and Don’ts of Packing

Moving is not going to be an easy task. Most of the challenge would come when you have to pack your things when they are already in the right places in your current home. Here are tips that can help you make packing easier:

Organizing and Preparing

Divide your things into two groups; things you often use and the things that you just use occasionally. The purpose of this is so that when you have to unpack, it would be a lot easy for you to determine which boxes or cartons to open first. It is also advisable to label each box and list the things inside it as well as the room where it should be placed. These labels and markings would help you if there is a need to take extra care of a certain box, especially if it contains breakable and fragile items.

You should pack ahead of time. The tendency is when you pack at the eleventh hour, the things would be more cluttered and less organized. This is also helpful for you to avoid missing objects because you forgot to include it in the packing.

Do not include flammable or fire-producing items in your packing. These are dangerous items. Segregate things according to their types. Make sure that liquid items are sealed and spill-free.

The boxes and cartons should be sealed and closed tightly. It is also recommended for you to use a special type of packing tape to avoid boxes from being opened up and having the things inside it damaged.


Pack the things that are less used in your household first. Put a label after each item is packed. You can also use color marks to make it easier.

For packing shoes, it is advisable to use the original shoe box. In cases that the original box is no longer available, you can pack them using a different box by pair to avoid cluttering and missing shoe pairs.

For big equipment, like TVs, audio sets, and computers; you can pack them with their original boxes or cartons. However, if they are no longer available, big boxes will do as long as the equipment would be in the proper places. These items should be marked ďfragileĒ to help you determine that it needs extra care when moving.

For furniture like couches, beds and sofas; you can wrap them with transparent and thin plastic to protect them from dirt and dust. The furniture should be the first set to be moved to get them out of the way and make room for the other things that need to be done.

For glasses, plates, lamps and other breakable items; you can wrap them in clean paper to avoid breaking. Pointed objects like knives need to be wrapped as well, to avoid causing accidents.

Pack things of the same sizes in the same boxes. This would also help you save space and fewer boxes would be needed. Medicines and other liquid-items should be in a separate box. Spill-free and sealed boxes are recommended to be used for these kinds of items.