Is Daily Cleaning Of Pool Necessary?

When it comes to cleaning, there is no standard for what’s needed and what’s not as long as you do the job right. The more frequent you clean the better. That is for what you are cleaning. The same thing is true when it comes to cleaning our swimming pool. Although it doesn’t need to be daily, it won’t hurt doing extra miles when cleaning up our pool as it is rather beneficial than not. The answer is really up to you.

It’s Your Preference

In general, weekly cleaning of swimming pools is sufficient enough to maintain a clean pool with clear water. Although there are no restrictions as to how many times you want to clean your pool, it all depends on your preference. However, there are some things that need daily operation aside from cleaning.

Daily brushing your pool is a must, especially during the hot weather as swimming pools are often infested by algae and even dirt. Brushing will not only keep your pool free from these problems. It will also maintain its clear-looking and slimy-free tiles. Always remember that brushing is essential when it comes to maintaining your pool’s health.

Daily Jobs

One of the most important things which are necessary to be done daily aside from brushing your pool is by adding chlorine to the pool. This will not only make the water clear, but it will also disinfect it by destabilizing the bacteria and the microorganisms that are present in your pool. There are several methods on how to add chlorine to your pool. You can manually add granule chlorine or a quick chlorine tab everyday to your pool. You can also do this by using a chlorine floater which is the best way of adding this chemical to the water of your pool.

Another thing that should be done daily is to empty your skimmer baskets and remove any debris or leaves that have been gathered. Also check if there are no damages on your skimmer baskets to avoid any leaves or debris from passing through. Don’t wait for your baskets to get filled as it chokes off. Also, if you wait till it gets full; it might not give its full work potential.

In case there are trees near your pool, this is the time when daily cleaning is necessary as leaves fall down all the time. If you are tired of doing this job every day, you can put a net just above your pool to catch all of the leaves that are falling down your pool. You can also use skimmer nets to remove all of the leaves and debris as well that falls into your pool. Make sure that you clean your skimmer net every time you finish using it as leaves and other debris tend to stain it. You don’t want to put these back on your pool the next day or next time you use it on your pool. A regular checkup and cleaning of your pool will result to a clean, comfortable and beautiful place to relax.