How Was The Keyboard Invented

The keyboard is a very useful tool nowadays. Every computer, every cellphone and every iPad has a keyboard. It is crucial in the PC which most of use today for various important reasons. This article will orient to you about how the keyboard was discovered. Certain events on C.L. Sholesí study on how to make typewriters better are taken into account. The QWERTY arrangement of the letters to be punched/pressed is also found on this topic. Take a few minutes or seconds of your time to learn more about how the keyboard was discovered

An Introduction To The Typewriter Model

The QWERTY keyboard has been with us for over a hundred years already. It is now referred to as the universal keyboard, for reasons that we use it all the time as a model for various keyboard. The QWERTY keyboard was first made to use by an inventor named C.L. Sholes. He put together different prototypes for different kinds of typewriters that were to be used in certain machine shops in Milwaukee. It was during the 1860s that the universal keyboard was discovered.

C.L. Sholes

C.L. Sholes has been accused of deliberately putting the arrangements of his keyboards for bad reasons. People thought that the QWERTY was a burden. Fast writers thought that the arrangements of the keys were able to slow down their typing powers. C.L. Sholesí purpose for creating the QWERTY keyboard was actually the opposite of what these people thought.

The First Typewriter Model

When Sholes first made a different keyboard model ( not the QWERTY) in the 18th century, the keys were in alphabetical order, and they were lined up in two rows. The first typewriters were very slow and sluggish. They also easily jammed, and precision was never something the typewriter had. Sholes devised a way to solve these keyboard problems. He tried to rearrange the letters. They first typewriter had their letter placed on the end of rods known as typebars. These so called typedbars hung in a circle. The mechanisms of how the typebar did its job in punching letters were very primitive. You could say that it was a bit similar to the typewriters in the 50s, but even then, it was still too old.

The QWERTY Arrangement

Sholes decided to use the QWERTY arrangement of the after studying letter pair frequencies under the guidance of educator Amos Densmore. Amos Densmore was the brother of Sholesí financial backer James Densmore. The arrangement was very important and very useful since it prevented the letters on the typewriter from jamming. No two words that were often used regularly were to be placed close to each other. For example, the words T and H were placed close, but not too close since they are usually used in several word (the, bath, math, etc.). Sholesí solution of using the QWERTY arrangement of letter was not able to solve the typewriter jamming completely, but it did greatly reduce the problems from occurring.