Fun Ways To Teach Algebra

The concept of taking lessons in algebra has always been a frustrating and annoying class. Majority of people in class usually donít like mathematics.

While there are some who love mathematics, you will have to accept the fact that there are also plenty of people who are not very good at it. This article is all about fun ways in teaching algebra. Certain methods to teach the lesson, including ones that are available for download in the internet are taken into account.

The Alphabet Slope

Using the alphabet provides plenty of practice when it comes to slope. For example, the printed letters found on the alphabet can be made using lines (e.g. the letter ďAĒ is only a positive, a negative or a zero slope line. Or the letter N is made up of undefined slope lines and another negative slope. The letter ďCĒ on another example would be made into a non-linear line. Using the alphabet slope as a fun way to teach algebra is very effective for students, particularly those who are in need of constant basic practice. The basics usually involve positives, zeros, undefined values and negatives.

PowerPoint Games

The internet is a very resourceful tool. You can find plenty of templates and PowerPoint presentations that teach algebra in a creative and colorful manner. You can also create your own PowerPoint algebra game once you are well versed on how the process is done (if you are knowledgeable with certain MS applications). PowerPoint Games are very useful, they can be recycled and are easily edited. You can look for certain algebra PowerPoint games in the internet for more fun ways to teach algebra.

Polygon Pictures

This type of algebra learning tool will let students put in their names on certain blocks. The blocks contains letters and identifies the polygons and other algebraic values of the soon to be used letters. The students are even able to decorate the pictures with their names using some polygons they can use. The Polygon picture project is available on certain websites in the internet. You can grab one of your own and use in in teaching your kids algebra.

The Python Project

The Python project, also known as PYTHON is an incorporated Computer Programming and Art that has slopes and other types of linear equations. PYTHON is available for download in the internet. While the thing may appear as if itís a difficult project, donít be fooled. PYTHON is actually easy to use. Itís methods of teaching is very straightforward. Your students will definitely love PYTHON.

Even if you or your students donít know any code (which is usually the case for frustration), they can still learn how to use python. Just copy and pasting a few codes is whatís needed to use the PYTHON.