Common Causes of Teenage Rebellion

Itís never easy to raise a growing child. There are years that are more challenging than others. Your parents probably had a hard time raising you when you were in your teens, and you will experience the same problem when your children reach this age. Teenage rebellion is a phase that every growing child goes through. But what exactly causes them to rebel?

The Eagerness to be Independent

Teenagers are beginning to develop their views about everything. These views may not be the same as yours, since they have their own way of thinking and their surroundings are different from yours. During their teenage years they are trying to figure out how to live by the things that they believe rather than being told what they have to do. You should let your child assert their independence in making their own decisions. Let them explore and guide them, but never control them.

Stuck as a Child in Your Eyes

They donít want you to look at them as a child who has to be fed. They want to show you that they are growing up and that they can do things on their own. In a way they want you to feel proud of them. And since they are asserting their independence, when you tell them what to do, they will do the opposite of it just because they want to prove to you that they can do it. Give them some freedom so that they wonít lash out.

Growing Up Too Fast

Itís also during this time that they are realizing that their adulthood is only a few years away. The responsible gene in your child wants to be able to handle adulthood by preparing for it right now. Meanwhile, some teenagers want to have all the fun that they can have because they think adulthood is not a time for fun anymore.

Peer Pressure

Your child will also do things that they think other people are doing because they donít want to feel that they are being left behind. They donít want to lose their friends so they succumb to the pressure. Before your child hits their teenager years, you should help them choose good friends so that when their teenage years come they will not be surrounded by bad influences.


Teenagers also rebel because they think that you donít understand what they are going through. This happens when you keep insisting that what they are doing is wrong. Remember, your experiences as a teen may be causing you to think that you know exactly what they are going through. They are young; they may not understand that you are trying to help them. Besides, itís helpful for them if they learn from their own mistakes rather than listening to you and not learning at all.

Basically, the teenage years are when you should let your child explore their own way. Be close enough that they can run to you for help, but donít be a dictator. If you do that, you might just end up having a runaway teenager who doesnít want to talk to you anymore.