Fun Ways To Teach Algebra

The concept of taking lessons in algebra has always been a frustrating and annoying class. Majority of people in class usually donít like mathematics.

While there are some who love mathematics, you will have to accept the fact that there are also plenty of people who are not very good at it. This article is all about fun ways in teaching algebra. Certain methods to teach the lesson, including ones that are available for download in the internet are taken into account.

The Alphabet Slope

Using the alphabet provides plenty of practice when it comes to slope. For example, the printed letters found on the alphabet can be made using lines (e.g. the letter ďAĒ is only a positive, a negative or a zero slope line. Or the letter N is made up of undefined slope lines and another negative slope. The letter ďCĒ on another example would be made into a non-linear line. Using the alphabet slope as a fun way to teach algebra is very effective for students, particularly those who are in need of constant basic practice. The basics usually involve positives, zeros, undefined values and negatives.

PowerPoint Games

The internet is a very resourceful tool. You can find plenty of templates and PowerPoint presentations that teach algebra in a creative and colorful manner. You can also create your own PowerPoint algebra game once you are well versed on how the process is done (if you are knowledgeable with certain MS applications). PowerPoint Games are very useful, they can be recycled and are easily edited. You can look for certain algebra PowerPoint games in the internet for more fun ways to teach algebra.

Polygon Pictures

This type of algebra learning tool will let students put in their names on certain blocks. The blocks contains letters and identifies the polygons and other algebraic values of the soon to be used letters. The students are even able to decorate the pictures with their names using some polygons they can use. The Polygon picture project is available on certain websites in the internet. You can grab one of your own and use in in teaching your kids algebra.

The Python Project

The Python project, also known as PYTHON is an incorporated Computer Programming and Art that has slopes and other types of linear equations. PYTHON is available for download in the internet. While the thing may appear as if itís a difficult project, donít be fooled. PYTHON is actually easy to use. Itís methods of teaching is very straightforward. Your students will definitely love PYTHON.

Even if you or your students donít know any code (which is usually the case for frustration), they can still learn how to use python. Just copy and pasting a few codes is whatís needed to use the PYTHON.

Creative Ways To Use A Whiteboard

This article enlists some of the possible ways of using a whiteboard in a creative manner.

A whiteboard may just be a simple tool but making the most of it in a classroom by using it creatively in many ways can be significant especially in maximizing the studentsí learning experience.

Here are some creative ways of using the whiteboard with its complete potential.

Setting Out The Lesson For The Day

Writing down an outline of the lessons and topics for day on the top part or along the side of the whiteboard prior to starting the class can help show the students your reason for every single thing that you do. Moreover, it can be an advantage for students who require structure and are eager to know about whatís next because they want to be mentally prepared.

Building Mind Maps

While the whole class is brainstorming for ideas, you can draw mind maps on the whiteboard so that you can depict your classí thought process in an understandable and visual way. It works best when preparing for short story writings, making class projects and stimulating a class discussion.

You can start by writing the main topic in the center of the whiteboard and then drawing several lines coming out of it pointing to sub-topics. You can then ask your students to add ideas or information relevant to every category that you have listed. The resulting figure will then look like a web of a spider or maybe a brain cell multiplying and this diagram will inspire your students because of the many ideas indicated in it.

Assessing Studentsí Understanding

Using a whiteboard can help you easily determine and assess your studentsí understanding. You can provide the students with problem sets to work on and make them use their handheld small whiteboards that they can hold up to show their answers. This way, you can see who understands what as well as those who need help on the topic of the day.

This is actually not time-consuming unlike having a quiz or seatwork and making everyone write their answers on a piece of paper and then submitting it to you. It is also better than recitations or verbally asking them to give you the right answer. This way, you will just hear one childís idea and no indication of everyone elseís performance.

Drawing Explanation

Another way is to group your students into two and, one by one, ask them to draw a picture without showing it to the partner. Then they will explain to the partner how to draw the exact thing. Eventually, each pair will hold up the drawings to the rest of the students so that they can compare and contrast the difference.

This can be an excellent practice for kids in describing things as well as for students to practice English words relevant to lines and shapes and preposition of a place.

A Blindfolded Game Of Drawing

This fun game can help your students in practicing their listening and concentration skills where a student goes to the front of the classroom and blindfolds himself. You the put two words on both sides of the whiteboard and the student must be able to connect them with a single line. However, the student wonít be able to see so he must rely for his classmatesí directions.

The can say ďrightĒ, ďleftĒ, ďdownĒ and ďupĒ to help their blindfolded classmate in drawing the line. To make the game even more exciting, you can try writing three to four random words on the whiteboard and the blindfolded student must connect them, forming a sentence.

Choosing The Best College Course For You

Probably one of the scariest parts of your educational life is choosing a college course for you. If you do not know yet what it is you want, or what your potentials can be better made use of then the act of choosing a course can be difficult. The college course you will be taking is a major deciding factor on what job you will take/do in the future. This article will orient you about choosing the best college course for you. A holistic approach is taken into account while the college courses choices are left to your own liking/idea. Take a few moments of your time and give this article a read in choosing the best college course for you.


You will need to take the decision with most care, as college course choosing is no ordinary task. You cannot just choose your course without doing some kind of long extensive research. You will at first need to have a talk with your advisor. Your advisor has some experience in guiding you as to what it is you really want for college. You will need to write down all the courses that you have liked in a piece of paper for you to review on them later on. Remember, your advisors are your friends. Free advisors are available in your high-school years. You can go ask them for advice.

Doing Research

Doing Research and searching for some universities or colleges who can accommodate you is also an important choice. There are plenty of good colleges available in the country of America. But these universities may not include the college of your choosing. You can also choose a learning institution that can greatly benefit your interests; or perhaps the price of the college is too high for you and you want to look for alternatives. The internet is your friend, so itís not as hard as before nowadays.

Knowledge About Your Course

Your course will be with you forever. Choosing one course means leaving away some courses. Be sure that you know what it is you really like to do when you grow up. Your parents may want you to enroll in a nursing related course when you want to be an engineer. Take into account, getting a course that is not to your choosing can sometimes result to damaging circumstances to your future.

Plenty of brilliant high school graduates (with honors) have went down in performance and quality and some have even regressed because of not taking the course that they like.

Certified Course

The course that you need to take should be very important in the market of today. Perhaps the statement ďenrolling in a course that is certifiedĒ is the opposite of ďchoosing the course that you likeĒ. Look for the course closest to your liking that is relevant to todayís/tomorrowís lifestyle. You will have to look for courses that have been accredited and recognized all over the world.