Creating a Travel Budget

You’ve decided that you finally will go on that trip that you have always wanted. That’s great for you. You should do the things that you always have wanted to do. But before you go out on that trip you should stop and think about it first. You don’t just want to go out there without really planning about it or you could end up spending more than what you can afford.

It is so easy to lose control of your expenses when you are out on a trip. You might go to an unfamiliar place for example and you will be forced to spend a lot of money because you don’t know the place. That is why planning for your trip is very important and the most important part of your travel plan would be the budget.

To help you get started when it comes to creating a travel budget, here are some of the more important things that you need to consider.

Budget for the Transportation

Unless your travel destination is near your place, transportation is the first thing that you need to consider about your trip. The amount that you need to allot for your transportation would depend on the kind of transportation that you have to take. If the trip is a long one by air then it might eat up a great deal of your travel budget. If you take a cruise, then the transport cost will be mixed in with the accommodations. If there are other forms of transportation that are available for your destination, you should consider those. Taking a train ride for example can have its charms though it is slower.

You should not stop with the cost of the major transportation. Once you get to your destination you might have to take some smaller trips to the sites that you want to see. Another example of minor transportation costs would be taking a taxi from the airport to your hotel. Those costs might seem like minor and small, but when you add them all together the amount can be substantial.

The key here is research. You need to look for the lowest possible options for getting an air fare for example. There are plenty of opportunities that you can get plane tickets at a fraction of their cost. You should also do research on the possible costs of minor transportation once you are in your destination so you will not be surprised once you are there. That’s also one way of making sure that others won’t take advantage of you once you are in your destination and you don’t know how much the fares cost.

Budget for Your Accommodations

The next biggest chunk of your travel budget would be the part for your lodgings. There are all kinds of lodgings that you can choose from. There are hotels, hostels, guesthouses and apartment rentals. Hotels can be categorized according to the level of service that they provide. The more luxurious ones would cost a great deal. If you are on a budget travel then hotels should not be your first option. If you will be staying long in a certain location then an apartment rental is probably the best option for you. You can be comfortable and have a high level of privacy and the cost would not be that high.

But if you are really bent on going on a trip just by using a shoestring budget then you should consider couch-surfing or other alternatives to getting lodgings. In couch surfing, you would be staying in the place of people from the location that you would be going to. You may or may not know your hosts. There are websites that aim to promote this method of getting lodgings. If you will be traveling using your own car then you should consider sleeping in your car to save money.

Budget for Your Food

Food costs are normally the most difficult portion of your travel to estimate. It’s simply not easy to tell how much food you will be eating on your trip. What if you enjoy the food in a particular place? Then you would be spending more than what you have planned originally. If you travel to a place that has a similar food tradition as your home, then computing for the cost of your food would not be so hard. It would be more difficult if you are going to a place that can be considered to be exotic or different from where you came from.

Do some research and find out about the different food options that are open to you. Don’t just settle for the usual restaurant options. Some cities would have dining options of their own. If you stay for a long period in a certain location then consider cooking your own food. You can save more money that way. You can also look for lodgings that would include breakfast during your stay.

Budget for Your Activities

When you go out on a trip, you would have some activities lined up. Those are the things that you can do in the location that you would go to. Those activities can be varied. You can go around visiting museums and art galleries or you can go nature tripping. You can visit beaches and enjoy the sun and sand. No matter what kind of activity you have in mind, those would cost money. Even the activities that would not have direct costs such as visits to free museums would cost you something in the process.

Find out about the exact cost of each and every activity that you want to do. Don’t just go for estimates because your budget might fall short of what it has to be when you are there. It is fairly easy to find out about the costs of the activities that you want to do with the help of the internet.

Budget for Your Shopping

It is natural that you would want to do some shopping when you go out on your trip. That’s why you have to allocate a portion of your budget for buying souvenirs that you can bring home. The important thing is that you should come up with a realistic budget for shopping and stick to it once you are there. If you end up going on a shopping spree on your trip, then that can ruin the rest of your travel if you end up using most of your budget. You cannot really estimate the cost of the things that you would be buying because you don’t have any idea as to what you want to buy from the place.

Currency Conversion

One thing that you have to remember when you travel to a different country is that you would have to convert your money to the local currency. Find out the current conversion and decide on how to maximize your money. It is normally best to have the money converted once you are in your destination.

That is how you can come up with a travel budget. Now the important thing is for you to stick to that budget when you are out on a trip. That would call for a lot of discipline on your part. Do you think you can handle that?

The Best Budget Travel Tips

More people are interested in traveling these days. There are different reasons why people are encouraged to travel. One good reason is the increased awareness about different places and destinations because of the internet. Another good reason is the cheaper accommodations and costs associated with traveling. People are encouraged to do budget traveling. This means going out on trips under a very limited budget. That can be an adventure already.

When you go out to travel on a limited budget you are forced to discover new things. You cannot follow the same paths that are travelled by other people. You cannot afford to do so. Being on a budget will force you to become more creative with your trips and your destinations. It also means doing a great deal of research.

There are plenty of tips that you can get online regarding budget travel. These tips will help to guide you on what you can do so you need not spend a fortune when you go out there.

Call Instead of Going Online

Making your travel arrangements over the internet is overrated in some cases. This is especially true when it comes to booking your hotel accommodations when you want to travel. Making arrangements through the internet might not give you the best option that is available simply because you don’t see it online. It actually makes sense to call the hotel and speak to a manager or a supervisor. The person that you are talking to over at the hotel’s hotline might not have the power to give you a low deal, but a manager can do that. When you do get to speak to a manager, come up with a compelling story that can arouse sympathy.

That sort of strategy can work with airline tickets as well. There are no hard and fast rules here so after booking by phone, it is still a smart move to go online and see if you can beat the price that you got through the internet. Either way you’re still the winner.

Repositioning Flights and Cruises

Sometimes being aware of how the travel industry works can provide you with great opportunities to get a good bargain. That is true when it comes to the repositioning of planes and cruise ships. Airlines and cruise companies will regularly reposition their planes and their ships. It is a regular part of their operation. They usually do that twice every year. When a plane or a ship is being repositioned, the rates for being a passenger there can be lower than usual. The rates can be lower, but the services that you will be getting are all the same.

You should be aware though that repositioning cruises can be slower than a normal cruise, so if you are the kind who is always short on time then this isn’t for you. You can try asking about repositioning cruises over the phone and you have to be ready to book your flight back because these cruises would only go one way.

Going Against Your Traveller Type

What type of traveller are you? You are not on your trip for business. One way that you can save some money is by going against your traveller type and taking advantage of what is being offered. If you stay on leisure hotels during weekends then chances are that you will find few available accommodations with high prices. You should go against your traveller type then and go for business hotels that are not as solidly booked. Because they are looking for guests at that period there is a good chance that you can get a great deal.

You should also think about traveling during the off-season. That’s when there are few travellers to the destination that you are going to and so the prices are lower.

The Disaster Areas

One move that you can try if you really want to get good discounts when you travel is to visit places that have been recently hit by disasters. For sure those destinations would see the number of their tourist visitors go down considerably and you can take advantage of that.

You don’t just go to a disaster hit area without doing some research. First of all you need to find out if the place is safe already. Once you are certain that there are no risks to travellers like you then you can start checking out the accommodations that you can get. Usually those places will be offering discounts and incentives to travellers in order to encourage tourism. Common sense is the best tool when trying out this strategy. A country embroiled in a civil war is not a place to be considered for a visit no matter what.

Alternate Airports

Flying straight to the main airport of the city that you will be traveling to can be costly and you should think twice about that. You can try flying to an alternate airport instead. Most cities would have alternate airports and the cost of flying there is normally cheaper. But you also have to consider the cost of traveling from the airport and the hotel where you have booked a room. If it’s going to cost you more, then don’t go for it.

Overestimate the Costs

When you estimate the costs that you will be incurring in your travel it is better that you overestimate everything. You want to go on a shoestring budget, but you do not want to run out of cash when you are in the middle of a trip. If that happens, you will be spending more as result. It is better that you have some extra cash that you can bring with you that is not allotted for anything during the trip. That extra money can cover for unexpected expenses that you might encounter.

Be Flexible

If you want to make the most out of your budget when you travel then you should be flexible when it comes to the places that you want to visit. Places that are not very popular can offer really good deals. The good news is that destinations that are not so well-known can be good places to discover too. You just have to be willing to do your research.

Don’t Be Too Cheap

This might contradict your aim for going on a budget travel but it makes sense as well. When you try to go cheap on everything then chances are that you will not enjoy your trip. Do not be afraid to spend money when you want to buy things. Your aim should not to stop spending money totally, but just to stop spending unnecessarily. If you become smart with the way that you spend your money, your trip will be worthwhile.

Don’t Fall for Incredible Deals

You might come across some deals that have really good offers. Those are the kind of deals that you would be foolish to pass up on. But is it really wise to get those deals? If a deal sounds too good to be true then you should be worried. There’s a catch to those kinds of offer for sure.

It is easy to travel on a budget , but you should do your research first before you make your first move. There are so many opportunities out there waiting for you if you are ready to explore, but it is also easy to make a mistake which could cause you to spend more in the long run.

Tips for Traveling on a Very Limited Budget

Are you into budget travel? It can be a great adventure and a chance to discover new places. If you want to take things to a totally new level then you should explore how low you can go when it comes to your travel budget. It can be a lot of fun to see how far you can travel with a very limited budget when going out on a trip. You might be surprised by how far your money can reach when you plan for it.

We have gathered some ideas here that you can use when you want to travel on a very limited budget. Not all of these ideas would work for you. But all of these ideas are worth looking into and giving a try.

Choose Your Mode of Travel

There are several options that you can use when you want to travel using very limited budget. You can go hitchhiking for example. It is safe if you do it during the day. Seasoned hitchhikers can actually cross the United States in just four days. Biking is another option. You don’t cover as much territory when you ride a motorized vehicle, but it can be an excellent option if you are after the scenic route. You can also get to meet some very interesting people this way.

If you have a motorcycle then that is the cheapest way that you can cover long distances. If you don’t have a motorcycle then you can rent one. Buses and trains would be a lot safer than the other options that we have mentioned, but would eat up more of your budget. You have to plan the route that you will be taking to make sure that you would find the most economical option that’s available.

Where Will You Sleep

One of the things that would eat up your budget when traveling would be the cost of where you would be sleeping and staying during your travel. That can eat up a huge part of your budget. Hotels cost a great deal. If you are traveling on a budget this is one aspect of the cost that you need to look into.

One of the best ways to get around the cost of where you will be sleeping is to try and sleep on the couch during your whole travel time. Even if you are going to a place where you do not know anyone that can be taken care of. Use your network to find a place where you can stay. Ask the people that you are connected to in social media if they know anyone in the place where you will be going to who can help you. All you need is to sleep on the couch.

You can also go to sites like The website is dedicated to travellers like you who are seeking places to stay when they are traveling. The site is a system for vouching about a host. That’s one way that the safety issues can be addressed. Another excellent option would be to sleep in your car. There are many areas where you can park and setup for the night. Sleeping in your car can be comfortable and it would be less trouble than having to set up a tent.

If you will be passing through a state or national park then you should consider camping so you can sleep for the night. It might take some time however and you have to learn how to setup a tent. Another low cost option would be hostels. These dormitory-like accommodations are a lot cheaper than regular hotels.

How Will You Eat

Now that you have resolved the problem of where you will be sleeping, the next thing to tackle would be how you will eat. The problem of how you will eat would depend on where you will be staying or traveling. Some places offer cheap restaurants and dining options. If you will be traveling in your car then you should consider taking along a camp stove. You can cook some simple meals while on a parking lot. Stuff some food on your backpack so you don’t have to buy expensive snacks when you are traveling.

Another useful trick that you can use when you want to avoid eating at expensive restaurants would be to bring along some energy bar. Those bars can be expensive, but they can save you more in the long run.

Now if you want to take things to a different level then you can try going back to nature. If you pass by some area where there are plants, you can try looking for some wild berries that you can eat. Just be careful and be sure that you know what you are eating. Some berries can be poisonous.

Making Money on the Road

You do not have to limit yourself to the money that you can bring along when you travel. If you can think up of ways that you can earn money while on the road then no one is stopping you from doing that. It can even add to the fun of the overall experience that you would have when traveling.

If you know how to play a musical instrument and sing while doing so then you have an excellent way of earning some cash while you are traveling. Street performance is a legitimate way that you can earn money and it would help a lot if you are really good at it. You can also try doing some farm work in order to pay for your travels. This can be a fun way of getting some exercise as well. You get to earn and then work at the same time. You can do your research online to find the areas that offer farm work opportunities.

The Right Tools

Having the right tools when you are traveling would allow you to stay within your very small budget. For carrying around your things, a backpack is the best type of bag. Make sure that the straps of your backpack are padded so it does not become uncomfortable when you fill it with things that you need. You should also think about bringing a foldable bike with you. If you are not traveling in your car, then a foldable bike can help you in moving around from where you are staying to other points of interest. When you are traveling on a budget, being able to take a shower might not be readily available. You can use baby wipes to clean up quickly.

Look for Freebies

Are you going to a large city? If you are then you should look for the freebies that they give out. Most major cities would have lots of freebies that they offer. Those freebies can be anything from services to entertainment. Do a search on the internet before you travel for all the best freebies that you can find on the city that you will be traveling to.

Traveling with a very limited budget can be a fun and challenging activity. You just have to do some research on what are the things that you can do in order to save money and stick to that limited budget of yours. It can be more fun if you travel with someone.